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Are you ready to save up to 70% of water compared
to conventional irrigation?


The iMat is the only irrigation mat of its kind that is compatible with any manufacturer’s drip line products and control systems. With water savings up to 70% compared to conventional irrigation methods, the iMat has a wide variety of applications and can benefit both the private and commercial sector.

Some of our applications include golf courses and athletic fields, parks and commercial greens, private residential and homeowner communities, roof tops, agriculture, and nutraceuticals.

The iMat is a valuable system for green building designs and complies with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Programs (LEED). Watch the video below for a complete introduction to the iMat.

  • LEED Compliant
  • Designed to fit any size or style of space
  • No water loss caused by evaporation, wind drift, or overspray
  • Reduced maintenance costs caused by broken sprinkler heads
  • No damage to walkways, streets, and walls
  • No sudden water pressure losses during peak watering hours
  • No unpleasant grey water odors
  • Controlled water, air, and fertilizer supply at the root zone

Would you like to be part of a smart watering solution?

Most current irrigation systems are outdated, costly to maintain, and drain our ecosystem. We seem to be drawn to the latest technology in all other industries – for example, electric cars, one-touch fresh brewed coffee, vacuuming robots, and our phones that connect to our electric cars. So why not with our irrigation? Most homeowners tend to accept or settle for traditional sprinkler methods that cause water on their windows, water on rainy days, water in the morning when the water pressure is at an all-time low, broken sidewalks, soil erosion, fungus growth, and more.

If you’re going to invest in an irrigation system, the iMat is a fast and easy way to maintain a beautiful property, avoid overspray and damage, store nutrients, reduce costs, allow for 24*7 use of your landscape, and most important save up to 70% of water compared to the traditional methods above.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their backyard and have the satisfaction they are also doing good for the environment?


Are you giving your clients the best solution?

It is your job to design and advise your clients on the latest irrigation technology that will keep them one step ahead, in addition to our environment. As a trusted expert in today’s age, it is crucial to be a landscape designer with a high priority on sustainability. Our iMat makes this an easy progression as EcoRain will be your trusted expert in smart watering solutions.

At EcoRain, we understand the potential challenge of utilizing a drip line solution. For example, the iMat has a universal wetting pattern that allows roots to adapt and grow into our mat, rather than finding the emitter and clogging it up like some systems.

The iMat makes it easy for you to stand out by being able to offer water saving, water storage, improved plant growth, simplified fertilization, and more flexibility. We make sure that you have the tools you need for easier, faster installations at a competitive cost in comparison to conventional irrigation systems.

Do you want to be an expert in your trade?

In addition to being an easy solution for homeowners, the iMat is an even easier solution for installers. With rolls available in various widths, our mat blankets can be quickly installed. In some cases, only a single cutting device is necessary. For special and larger construction projects, the width of the rolls can be adjusted to the required measurements and are also available in XXL sizes.

We offer hands-on training and certification programs to ensure every job guarantees maximum functionality.

Do you want to make your construction stand out?

In a cutting-edge field where setting yourself apart is imperative, the iMat is a critical part of each design. We see stonescapes and sidewalks destroyed everyday due to conventional sprinkler systems. With the iMat, you can preserve every quality of your outdoor design. Your homeowners will be even more happy when they realize they can enjoy their landscape 24*7.

By using the iMat, you also have the opportunity to be part of environmentally conscious building codes through LEED.