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Are you ready to save up to 70% of water compared
to conventional irrigation?


Q: Is the iMat a standalone irrigation system and requires its own stock of parts?

A. No, not at all. The iMat system is compatible to all standard subsurface irrigation components.

Q. How do I know if the iMat system is actually working?

A: A popup with variable arc nozzle is installed. During operation the nozzle rises and provides visual indication that it is working.

Q: What kind of soil is required and does it even work on sand and rooftops in arid climate zones?

A: The good news is the answer is YES to all. That is the big difference compared to other subsurface irrigation systems. The iMat uniformly disperses the water throughout the entire surface area, stores it and releases it slowly over time. It can be applied on any soil.

Q: What is the lifespan of the iMat?

A: It is a geotextile material and not biodegradable.

Q: What can I expect to achieve in regards to water savings?

A: It is generally accepted that drip irrigation saves up to 90% water because it delivers water directly to the plant root zone. Also, when compared to sprinklers, the iMat can save water up to 70%.

Q: Can I establish sod with the iMat?

A: Yes, the iMat sub-surface irrigation system is no different than a spray head or rotary zone of irrigation.

Q: How about root zone intrusion?

A: When a root tries to intrude through the iMat into the drip line emitter, it comes in close proximity to the copper shield embedded there and copper ions are released . These copper ions bind themselves to the attacking root tip and stops it from advancing, thus protecting the emitter.

Testing shows that on average the shield will exceed 16 years of irrigation application. We do have a double protection here! The iMat protects the drip line and the copper shield on top stops root growth.

Q: What if I need to aerate?

A: The iMat can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for aeration. You can easily aerate using a compressor. If core aeration is expected to be done in the turf be sure the tine depth is less than the depth of the buried iMat. Depth of iMat is recommended to be 6” while tine depth should not be set greater than 4”.

Q: Is it affordable?

A: Yes it is comparable to other sprinkler irrigation systems and artificial grass. It saves up to 70% of water and minimizes progressive water rates. Lower maintenance and repair costs due to water damage from overspray and broken sprinkler heads. It also expands the longevity of greens due to healthier root growth and lower fungus infestation. It qualifies for water savings programs through Water Authorities.